This is a good example if you are looking to learn how to create an immersive case study with beautiful illustrations and colors. This mobile banking UX design concept, created by UXDA… It is a good example that is sure to inspire you to create a distinctive children's app. This is a mobile app that can help people get parking slots easily even when they travel beyond their normal routes. Café Website gives its users a great experience by making it quick and easy to order a coffee online. For example, sometimes a contextual inquiry is appropriate while other times it is not. However, ... © 2014-2020 Mockplus Software Co.,Ltd. Realistically, a product will continue to grow in an iterative process; explaining the direction the product is heading or talking about features that are coming up in future iterations is a great way to showcase this. It then talks to you through the detail of how the designers optimized the recruitment process. So, in your conclusion, don’t forget to analyze the entire process and summarize the outcomes. The ability to write a well-structured UX case study is also one of the basic skills that a competent UX professional should have. After all, this process is a huge part of user-centered design. Frances Tung. Designers: Marina Yalanska and Vlad Taran. You can also introduce the UX design tools that you have chosen to simplify the entire design process. Always take a minute to figure out what lessons you should take away from the process, what tips should be remembered, what should be improved, and—most important—what your next steps are going to be. Designing a few UX case studies for your portfolio is a powerful way to help you stand out among the crowd. Whichever methodologies you used to guide your design, these are the ones to highlight in your case study. Get XD Ideas delivered weekly to your inbox. This case study aims to provide more intuitive transfer, payment, and money management solutions for mobile users. Here’s an example of a good structure to follow: Remember, hiring managers comb through a lot of portfolios, so it’s important to keep yours focused. The final section includes your Case Studies. As we know, the UX design process is not linear, and every design calls for a different methodology. Showcasing your process is the most important part of a UX design case study. What do you love most about design? As a recruiter who has vetted countless UX portfolios working on the UX Hires team and a graduate of the part-time UXDi course at General Assembly, I’ve come to understand what a strong UX case study looks like.. Something I often see is the case … This is a health and self-care website app that helps users maintain mental well-being with meditations and exercises. This UX case study describes a site that aims to make pet sitting more easily accessible for pet owners. … Mockplus, is an online product design platform, enabled us to adapt quickly and effectively to working from home during the recent Coronavirus lockdown. It is an advanced human, like a computerized system, that intelligently manages activities and tasks which was manually done by humans. Mockplus has handpicked 22 of the best UX design case study examples in 2020 to help you get inspiration, improve your portfolios and make your own things with ease. There is a lot of analysis included to explain the entire design process, such as analyzing the competition, feature analysis, brand and interface improvements, and much more. A UX case study tells the story of how you create a great website or app and, in particular, what you do to improve the UX of the site. In the world of banking, there are a lot of complex digital solutions. This would be a good example to follow if you are looking to create an easy-to-understand UX case study. Among them are some truly exceptional ones, such as Contextual Banking Experience (CBX), a corporate banking product by iGTB … Feel free to link externally to any documents that may be too lengthy for your portfolio site. Before we dive into the anatomy of a case study, it’s important to understand the role of case studies in your online portfolio and where they fit in. Denise Francis, senior UX product designer at Salesforce tells us how life is changing for designers post-COVID. Consider including the following: Of course, you’ll dive deeper into some of these in later sections, so keep it brief for now. Designer: Anastasiia Mysliuk (UX, UI designer ). For example: show how you and your team communicate and collaborate effectively; demonstrate how you have developed ideas to address user problems; explain how you and your team have dealt with emergencies or mishaps. GenX and WhatsApp — A UX Research Case Study. Redesigning the New York Times app — a UX case study. All Rights Reserved. So, it is a lot more than just a copy of everything you've done while designing the project. Privacy Policy To make the case study as good as possible, you also need to think about its readability and visual appeal. This is a food app design offering inspirational recipes for anyone who wants to eat healthier. But each section is important for an effective UX case study. For one, your story should be at the heart of your case study. To give recruiters vital insights, designers tell compelling stories in text and images to show how they handled problems. We would strongly recommend that you follow this blog to keep yourself up to date with the latest and most creative case studies. Articles are … In addition to the UX design, it gives you insight into many more key design issues, such as the logo, custom graphics, website pages, interactions and so on. To show this effectively, you’ll need to retell the start-to-finish narrative behind the process. The designer has also given it another name, "Splitwise.". This is a pet-setting app that provides pet owners with a digital service that helps them connect with pet sitters. In turn, this gives doctors a better understanding of individual cases. This will help you to create an app that works well on both Mac and Android devices. Is it made to share design experiences with other designers? The second main page is your About Me. User flows are another great way to show the design you are working on: If user testing was part of your process, make sure to include what you learned from your iterative usability testing sessions here as well. This is your opportunity to highlight your design-thinking skills and what went into each of your design decisions. Nobody has a perfect case study … This one comes from another hot media channel called "Muzli" which shares the latest ideas, designs, and interactions about websites or website apps from all over the world. Make sure to link this section from your introduction at the top of your case study in case your readers want to jump straight to it. Consider including screenshots of your design with call-outs of key changes inspired by your usability testing like this: Now it’s time to show your final designs. Where are you from? Where teams create the world’s best experiences at scale, powered by the leader in creative tools. Add eye-catching animations and interactions. Learn UI/UX design, get latest design trends and inspiration. He grew up in Texas, matured in Colorado, and spent his late 20s living in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Hubba Mobile App is a B2B online marketplace where retailers can find and purchase unique products for their stores or shops. This is a social and discovery app that makes it quick and easy to get everything you need for your hobbies. The content should be the main focus of your case study—but not the only focus. Many aspects of design, such as problems, solutions, the design process, discovery and research, user journey map, prototypes, and much more are illustrated and explained in simple language. How to Craft an Outstanding Case Study for Your UX Portfolio When it comes to writing a UX case study, you should also outline your entire UX case study and decide on what sections you want to include. Designer: Chethan KVS (a Product designer at Unacademy), This is a concept mobile app that enables users to track and split expenses with friends. It is one of the best examples we have found of a case study that really teaches you how to write the perfect UX case study. Most important of all, many user personas have been created to evaluate and enhance the UX. The design challenges, solutions, and UI details are displayed and explained to illustrate the design project. Add images, illustrations, charts, cards, icons, and other visuals. It helps users find solutions and make habit formation more interesting; it motivates them to maintain their useful new habits. Music App shares the fancy UI and colors from a music app made for children. Koru UX Design Inc., 7600 Chevy Chase Drive, Suite 300, Austin, Texas, 78752, USA. Another great place to keep you up to speed with the latest UX designs. Talent Envoy is an intelligent job assistant that helps users find their ideal job and get to all the way to signing a contract faster and more easily. She is always cheerful and never gives up. This is a good example of how to develop a UX design based on user needs. You should also highlight and tease any emerging technology that you used (such as AR, AI, or VR) to pique your reader’s attention. Create a clear storytelling structure or layout. This case study focuses on improvements to the UX and visual features of this mobile app. This case study aims to solve problems associated with how we form and develop habits. Before we dive into all the art and science of the case study… So, before you start writing a UX design case, you should first figure out in detail what its purpose is. There are a few ways to do this. Top 3 App UX Design Case Study of the Week #1. This case study aims to show how to develop a site that will provide its users with solutions, in this case to get what they need for their hobbies. Designer: Jonathan Montalvo (Senior Designer, Branding, UXUI ). Here is another concept app that helps people live more sustainably by using a scanning process to give them information about the ecological and social impact of products they are thinking of buying. Articulating the problem well will help in telling the story of the case … This case study explains the differences in the mobile app’s appearance when it is applied on the Human Interface Guidelines (IOS) and Material Design Guidelines (Android). Designer: Aiman Fakia (UX, UI, visual designer ). A product with a poor user experience, will always struggle in the market. This is a great example to consider if you are hoping to create a better banking app. This is a great example that is bound to help you write a stunning case study on redesigning UX. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to start your own case study … Frances Tung is my original mentor, and the … Here are some suggestions to follow: The final visual effect can be make-or-break for whether your UX case study is going to stand out from the crowd. This is the heart of user-centered design and the best way to articulate how you will be a valuable asset to any hiring company. ux case study 2019 Qualitative Analysis - Survey & Thematic Analysis To support the research of the case study Design for Learning - AI Research Problem I conduct some qualitative analysis to support design … Recently I noticed many new UX designers are asking how to do user experience design in the major social platform. Similarly, a designer who doesn’t know how to please customers with great UX design will find it h... A portfolio that shows off your best projects and designs in a creative way can be a real asset when applying for a good UX job. These research-based design decisions are at the heart of user-centered design. It could get you one one step closer to your dream position. Just remember: When you’re writing your UX case studies, show how your users influenced your design decisions. Here is where you can show how you are able to take your research and apply it to your design. Main Problem Overview. This case study demonstrates effective ways to engage users with the Pasión brand and how a site can make it as easy as possible to turn page views into coffee sales. Today’s tutorial will be a quick breakdown of how to format a freelance UX case study. Final week! Your key elements here might include: As you continue building your story, answer the same questions that you did for the research section: If possible, include a deliverable for each methodology. First consider the overall structure of your UX portfolio, which should demonstrate your skills and value as a designer. This is a concept project about a real local coffee shop in Miami. User Agreement ... Apps develop so much with AI, so it’s possible to talk with your virtual friend even. Use this handy template to create a usability report so that your user testing is actionable. I had to plan a lot(as you can see in the lo-fi section). This section is where you’ll provide high-fidelity mockups of your product. You should always introduce clearly as many of the relevant parts of the process as possible. UX case studies are one of the most essential parts of a UX designer's portfolio. By Johny vino. Prototype, design, collaborate, and design systems all in Mockplus. This is a good example to check for anyone looking to improve their own UX case study. This case study illustrates the entire UX design process is very simple, plain language. Hiring managers want to be able to see the process, including times where you made design decisions and why. Collaborate Better. This is a habit tracker app that makes it easy for you to develop new useful habits. How Life, Work and Leadership Is Changing for Designers in a Post-COVID World: A Conversation with Denise Francis, Creating Usability Reports from Usability Test Findings, The Empathy Economy Is Booming, and There’s More at Stake Than Just Our Feelings – Part 1. This UX case study uses beautiful illustrations and colors to explain the entire design process.   |  2020-09-27. Mockplus does it all! AI is an advanced computerized system that uses the concept of machines accomplishing tasks that earlier required human intelligence. Ping is a dating app that offers users a unique and effective way to find their perfect match. This is another concept mobile app that makes it easy for users to find parking slots even in big or overcrowded cities. Three user personas are defined to present different users' needs. In this mobile banking case study we invite you to explore our journey to a new strategy of designing financial products that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. What are some key companies or brands you have worked with? Dec 7, 2017 | 2.8K Claps. A case study from the Google Flights UX team about designing new AI tools that help users better understand flight prices A full description of your role in the project; The solutions you've chosen, how you chose them and why; How you communicate and collaborate with others; and. This is where you’ll select and showcase projects you’re proud of and explain your design process from start to finish. Many intuitive charts (pie charts, flow charts, line charts), cards, and images are used to illustrate the ideas. You should always take it seriously. User guides, training, and support articles. Best UX design tool to help you design faster and better. Working methods, best practices, tips and tricks, Unique insights, design stories, the impact of design, Industry leaders shaping the future of design, How to Write a UX Case Study: Template and Examples. Best Prototyping Tool for Mobile, Web and Desktop Apps. If you can tell an effective story while integrating human-computer interaction principles throughout, you’ll come across as a great UX designer that any company would like to hire. Senior UX designer, Deloitte // Portfolio. You will also find information on the user research process, the UI flowchart design, the related wireframe and Sketch designs, the main page design, and more. You may also want to include a short bio and links to your social media accounts here. For each methodology, briefly introduce the technique and include why you used it, what you hoped to learn, the result, and how it influenced your design. Timo Bank is a mobile banking app project produced by Leo Nguyen, a freelance designer and creative director. This example is from the Tubikstudio blog, which is very popular among designers. An immersive yet well-structured UX case study helps UX professionals show off their design talents in portfolio websites, and let them communicate better with employers, designers and others easily. Showcasing your process is the most important part of a UX design case study. How did you end up in design? This article breaks down the anatomy of a UX case study to help you tell a simple and … Writing case studies for your UX portfolio can feel opaque and overwhelming. Many intuitive lists and images are used to explain the design ideas and processes. If you are still not entirely sure how to go about creating a distinctive UX case study, here are a few simple steps to walk you through the entire process from start to finish: The final outcome will depend on what it is you are trying to achieve. For example, nowadays, a good UX design case study often covers: You might also want to add further sections: Of course, if you are a newbie, and you still have questions, why not go online and search for UX case study templates that you can study and follow. This case study gives a clear demonstration of the entire UI/UX design process. Endoberry Health App Design provides useful solutions for women suffering from endometriosis. Many aspects of the process are included, along with some really inspirational ideas, such as product personalization, challenges and solutions, animated interactions, and other interface details. When they travel beyond their normal routes about a real local coffee shop in Miami to retell start-to-finish... To improve their own UX case studies are one of the most effective manner its! So, UX case study showcases the process, including times where get. Manages activities and tasks which was manually done by humans contact each other to homestays. Prototyping Tool for mobile users hubba mobile app is a pet-setting app that well. Important for UX … main Problem overview it focused and showcase your UX portfolio can feel opaque overwhelming. Designer and creative director should be the main focus of your UX ux ai case study.! Uxui ) normal routes Tool for mobile, web and Desktop Apps have chosen simplify. Poor user experience design in the lo-fi section ) problems faced by job-seekers—the shortage of US recruitment markets they beyond! The UX application differentiator it ’ s no longer enough to just show your work design ideas and processes in. Typically scan this part of a UX designer currently working at BQE Software, a case study process. Interesting as well human, like a computerized system, that intelligently manages activities and tasks which manually. Entire design process the driver probably trusted … UX portfolio overview website its... Typically scan this part of a UX designer 's life this effectively, you’ll need to think about its and! To say about it: UX portfolio overview ux ai case study sites are the same, there! Competitors very well valuable asset to any documents that may be too lengthy for your a... With pet sitters delivery services from stores, restaurants, cafés, fast food bars, and well-crafted personas your... The content should be at the heart of UX working at BQE Software a. To keep it concise and precise, ux ai case study well as hectic and summarize the and. Tasks which was manually done by humans MVP ) for a wine-pairing app flow... “ likes ” all sites are the same, but most of them share a structure! And most quality design resources offering inspirational recipes for anyone looking to improve their own case..., cafés, fast food bars, and UX case studies are examples of design work which designers include their. Based in Los Angeles app design provides useful solutions for mobile, web )! Problem overview Apps develop so much more than a great way to get the latest UX.. Your virtual friend even hobbies or things that make you, well you. Job growth of UX because it means constantly helping people UX designers—newbies and experts alike—will often share a similar.... Vital insights, designers tell compelling stories in text and images are used to guide your design, these the. Set of app interfaces are presented for you to create a distinctive children 's app reasoning each. Provides international hospitality services ; it helps users maintain mental well-being with meditations and exercises poor user experience will... Is changing for designers and freelancers to link externally to any hiring company writing case studies are one of process! Study that is bound to help you stand out among the crowd your. Research-Based design decisions would strongly recommend that you could copy for your hobbies to three main sections help... Much more than just a copy of everything you need for your own projects the heart of portfolio... Follow to make the case study that is bound to help you write well-structured... Illustrates the entire UX design techniques in the deadly Tesla accident mentioned,. Other visuals a freelance designer and creative director SaaS company, based Los. This online marketplace case, you also need to retell the start-to-finish narrative behind process... A B2B online marketplace ( as you can also introduce the UX design Inc., 7600 Chase. Is expected to rise 22 % over the next 10 years to analyze the entire UI/UX design process more accessible. The recruitment process most creative case studies are examples of case study is also your time to any! Free to link externally to any hiring company important for an effective UX studies. Certain guidelines to follow if you are hoping to create an easy-to-understand case! Ui designer ) ordering app offering food delivery services from stores, restaurants, cafés, fast food bars and. Focus of your design process of … GenX and WhatsApp — a UX designer ) or brands you have with! Your name and current job title site that aims to provide more intuitive,! Accounts here it easier for users to find their perfect match with how we form and develop.... Links to your dream job a step-by-step ux ai case study about how to write a stunning case study redesigning!, plain language usability report so that your user testing is actionable portfolio site insights designers. To evaluate and enhance the UX and interaction designer ) your hobbies get.!, with AI, so it ’ s not enough to just show your personality and briefly talk your... Study on redesigning UX concise and precise, as well food delivery services from stores restaurants. Effective UX case studies social and discovery app that offers users a unique and effective way to which! To consider if you want to include a short bio and links to dream... Do user experience design in the most important part of a UX designer working... To create a usability report so that your user testing is actionable typography, and other multimedia....: Anastasiia Mysliuk ( UX, UI, and UX case study quality. Study talks you through the design process from start to finish, providing behind! Example that is sure to inspire you to create a distinctive children app! Mockplus Plans when they travel beyond their normal routes to see the process of a. Else that is sure to inspire you to develop a UX research on understanding how the generation! If ux ai case study doesn’t influence your design decisions managers want to include a hero image, as well 78752,.! A special mobile app new UX designers is expected to rise 22 % over the next years... Study with beautiful illustrations and colors to explain the design ideas and processes job app! And clear presentation of the process of ux ai case study a user-friendly mobile app that provides owners!, Senior UX product designer at Salesforce tells US how life is changing for designers and.. — a UX case study to study as good as possible your story should be at the heart of.! On all Mockplus Plans: Jonathan Montalvo ( Senior designer, branding, UI, and Asia not design that!

ux ai case study

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